Duffy Scott Let it Snow Diffuser


Glistening, White & Magical

Crisp and fresh, the icy coolness of downy snowflakes. White lights twinkling and the sweet honeyed scent of Winter Jasmine with hints of Lemon Leaf.

“Snow Song” by Sara Teasdale
“Fairy snow, fairy snow,
Swirling dancing everywhere,
Would that I
Too, could fly
softly, lightly through the air.

The essence of luxury, our fragrance diffusers will infuse your home with a range of rich exotic aromas. High fragrance density, together with our unique fast wicking, non-clog reeds ensure smooth continuous fragrance diffusion up until the moment the oil completely evaporates. Our Reed Diffusers can be placed in any room and will deliver your favourite fragrances for up to 2 months.



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